Wednesday, March 23, 2016

If You Love (Being) an Awakened Woman


For many years I have worked on knowing myself, loving myself and understanding myself. Honoring who I am and what I believe in without making apologies for it. I have been surprised that this process of awakening to the spiritual experience of being a woman was not always well received by others. However, I’ve also seen how this process of unfolding has propelled others’ transformation and growth; both women and men. While I acknowledge that these words reflect mostly my own perspective, it also collects what I’ve witnessed in other women and men in awakening to their highest self and in the experience of spiritually loving and being loved. For this purpose, I humbly share my experience as an awakened woman. Honoring you both in the unique pace and rhythm of your souls, I elevate these words as sweet prayers for transformation:

The caliber of an awakened woman can bring you to your highest destiny. Because a woman like this is precisely awakened to the majesty of her whole being.

People, especially men, may be profoundly intimidated by her, because she knows the depth of her soul, and therefore she’s not afraid to delve into the core, into the heart of issues as they arise. 

A woman with such clarity won’t accept a lie, she’ll simply smile into your duality and face you. Her eyes of love and wisdom can bring in your own truth.

A woman with such compassion will hold your heart as she would hold a child. She knows the ways of love, as she has learned to caress and cradle her own being.

A strong-hearted woman will challenge you to stay attuned to your present. If you trust her wisdom, she’ll reflect back the best of you, like the moon to the sun.

You can try to fool her, but she will always be ahead of you, not to compete, but to meet you where you’re at and elevate you. Gracefully, she’ll take your hand and walk with you through darkness. 

You’ll be astounded by her trust. She’ll follow her own light and illuminate the path that is your way out.

She’s a seeker, a lover, a keeper.

She’s unstoppable because she flows soft and penetrating like water. If you honor her, she’ll keep you fresh and nourished. If you hurt her, your foolishness will just be reflected back at you sixteen times, freezing your heart and evaporating the trust that was placed in you. This is not born out of vengeance or meant as a command. This is the feminine nature of energy, that mirrors back the trust and caring given to her, enhancing it and encouraging the connection to grow. Sometimes, she’ll be of service as a magnifying glass: enhancing or constricting, expanding or limiting. Ultimately, she reflects what is given; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Understand this: to love an awakened woman you’ll have to lose yourself; give in. This does not mean you must abandon who you are, but instead necessitates that you surrender your ego, your habits, your wounds, your spiritual void. You must know that around the warmth of her being you’ll melt like honey under a blue sky.

Her ways are subtle and stark, simple and complex, sweet and bitter, soft and firm. Can you acknowledge the paradox of her essence? She wanes and waxes like the moon, constantly adjusting with the ever-changing phases of life.

If you don’t understand this, then understand her, “stand under” her. Support her and you will witness how your soundness and steadiness make her flourish, at the same time as she supports you and helps you realize your highest potential.

She is a mirror, a warrior, a saint.

She’ll be standing rhythmically by your side, enhancing  your relationship with yourself, helping you to nourish your own self-worth. Like a mystery, she’ll open the doors to the unknown, encouraging you to grow in your faith. You’ll find in your deepest, most intimate meditations, that she reminds you of Spirit. She’s there to bless you, as you’re there to bless her from the majesty of your awakened being.

If you love an awakened woman, life’s journey will be like a smooth caress. You’ll find yourself doubting less as you consolidate, and become steady, calm, patient and wise. The stability and integrity of an awakened man is a major blessing for the world, and for her, like a sweet kiss from God.

Over time, your cultivated intuition will naturally reveal to you both when to be silent and when to speak. You’ll rise with the understanding that commitment is a state of being, like a light of remembrance whenever you feel lost.

An awakened woman and an awakened man both know that the most supreme experience of love is to feel whole. Only from this wholeness is it possible to sacrifice, to expect nothing in return and to share your being just for the joy of giving and loving.

Love an awakened woman and you’ll find there are no real barriers to change, only the sweet ache of transformation that inadvertently turns carbon into diamond.

You’ll grow wings because an awakened woman will propel you towards really embracing freedom, and paradoxically, you might find yourself searching for an anchor and longing to go “home” after a long challenging day.

When you gaze into her eyes you’ll discover your divine self, looking right back at you.

An awakened woman is a never-ending wake up call. Her light will ignite your being, her compassion will cradle your fears and her love will be a sweet gift from God, Spirit, and the Universe.

Are you ready to Love an awakened woman?
And you…
Are you ready to Be an awakened woman?